Thai Easter Jet – A New Thai Airline

A new airline has been formed in Thailand. It is a joint venture between South Korean and Thai investors. The new company will hire only Thai pilots. Previously, the airlines were required to hire foreign pilots to operate their planes. The minimum age of the pilots is thirty years old. The company plans to hire pilots from Thailand and South Korea.

Joint venture between Thai and South Korean investors

The joint venture between Thai and South Korean investors in Thai Eastar Jet is underway. The low-cost carrier has one Boeing 737-800 from 2010 in its fleet and plans to fly between South Korea and Thailand. It will also have routes to Japan and India. The joint venture will start operations between Bangkok and Kaohsiung and expand to other cities within East Asia.

The South Korean investors have been active in the aviation industry for decades and continue to expand their influence. They began with mezzanine debt tranches backed by aircraft assets and have expanded into equity investments. They also provide senior debt and have a track record of closing deals with domestic and foreign groups.

The joint venture has faced several challenges including delays in paying aircraft leases. It has four 737 Max 8 jets in its orderbook and seven Boeing 737 NG aircraft in storage. The airline has a 2010 Boeing 737-800 in operation, which it leases to other airlines. However, the joint venture is still looking for a new investor. It will also try to complete a court-led rehabilitation scheme to attract new investors.

Besides working for Korean Airlines, Mr. Hahm has also held senior positions in the private sector, including as CEO of Dongsung HMC. His latest role has been as President and CEO of T’way Air, a low-cost airline carrier in North East Asia. It has also received numerous awards for its outstanding customer service.

Foreign pilots will be allowed to hire only Thai pilots

A new rule will allow new airlines to hire only Thai pilots. The requirement that they hire a minimum number of foreign pilots has been removed. This is good news for the country and its aviation industry. It will make it easier to find and hire talented pilots.

The new airline will be required to start commercial operations within one year of being granted an Air Operating Licence. It is expected that the new airlines will start to carry passengers in the beginning of 2020. This is the first time a Thai airline has launched commercial operations since June 2015. The International Civil Aviation Authority red-flagged the country in 2016 for failing to address safety concerns. But the country upgraded safety checks and procedures and since October 2017 it has been on an “all clear” status.

THAI has a long-standing relationship with the country. The company was one of its first customers and a close partner. The partnership stretches back to 1977. Thai Airways International and its subsidiaries operate a range of Airbus narrowbody and widebody aircraft, including the Airbus A330 and B777-300ER. Thai AirAsia is another important operator of Airbus aircraft.

After graduating, many Thai pilots find it difficult to find work in the air. As a result, competition for pilots among international airlines has increased the demand for pilots. This has led to an oversupply of pilots and an oversupply of unqualified pilots.

Pilots must be at least 30 years old

In Thailand, pilots are required to be at least 30 years old. There are some concerns, though. One commenter suggested that pilots should be tested for strength and endurance on an annual basis. This would determine whether they can pull a yoke and turn a pitch-trim wheel in emergency conditions.