Thai Fonts – Bree Thai, Moldr Thai, and St-TT-Garuda

When looking for a Thai font, the first thing you need to do is determine what kind of Thai you want. For example, if you want to use the St-TT-Garuda script, you can use the font called St-TT-Garuda. But if you’d rather use a different type of Thai font, you can find some options there as well. For example, you can try using Bree Thai or Moldr Thai.


ST-TT-Garuda is a free Thai font that has been designed by Unity Progess Co. This font is available for free download and is part of the ThaiFonts-Scalable font package. The package also includes Kinnari, Umpush, Waree, and a variety of other free fonts. The developers of this package are constantly developing it to make it better.

Moldr Thai

Moldr Thai is a sans-serif font with modular grid structure, inspired by industrial molds. It comes in 9 different weights and supports multiple languages. It is available in TTF and OTF formats, and supports mark2mark support. To preview the font, simply enter some text.

To use Moldr Thai font, you must pay the publisher a license fee. This way, you get the right to use it legally. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting in trouble with the publisher. So, while it is possible to find Moldr Thai for free, it is unlikely to be legal.

Bree Thai

The Bree Thai font family is a playful complement to the original Bree design. Created by designers Jose Scaglione and Veronika Burian, this typeface delivers a spirited look that’s perfect for branding or headline use, while retaining a friendly tone when used in paragraph text.

This versatile typeface has undergone a recent major update that adds the capital ‘k’ and German’ss’ to the family. It also features two additional weights and new Vietnamese support. The font also supports Greek and Cyrillic scripts. It’s designed in variable font format for complete control. As a result, Bree saves megabytes and is an ideal choice for the next digital revolution.

A recent change in technology has made it more accessible for designers and readers. Many font developers are now participating in the digital type revolution, focusing on bringing a more user-friendly format to the digital world. Because of this, the Bree Font is widely used in the digital world and remains popular among designers.

The Bree Thai font has a very large personality. The x-height of each character is extra-large, and the wide posture of each character is a signature trait of the style. The style is a mix of confidence and joviality.