Thai Girl Names

Thai girl names are mostly descriptive and describe a girl’s physical characteristics. For example, Chailail means pretty and Chimlin means cute. Other options include Chomechai, which means lovely girl. Besides these two options, there is a whole host of other names that are meant to be pleasing to the eye.

Lamyai Haithongkham

Lamyai Haithongkham is the stage name of a Thai mor lam singer, born Suphansa Vechkama. She became a popular singer after the release of her single “Phu Sao Khar Lor” in 2017. Born in Roi Et Province, Vechkama came from a poor family, and moved to Bangkok when she was young.

The name has multiple meanings, and can be both traditional and unique. It’s often associated with the god Parvati. It’s also a popular choice for parents who follow the Hindu faith. The word Lalita is derived from the Thai words “longan,” which means “long fruit.” If your daughter is a nature-lover, she may enjoy the name.


If you’re looking for a Thai girl name that’s feminine and elegant, you’ll find it with the name Malai. This Thai name means “flower garland” and is a sleek, feminine choice. It’s also considered one of the best baby names for girls.

Thai girl names have a rich cultural heritage, and many parents choose names that reflect the baby’s positive physical characteristics. The Thai word for “chaem choi” means “graceful”. The name “han” means “audacious”, and “fataha” means “first chapter of the Quran.” The word “fon” is also a classic nickname in Thailand, given to babies born on a rainy day. In Spanish-speaking countries, it’s a diminutive of “alfonso.” Thai actress Sananthachat “Fon” Thanapatpisal was nicknamed “Fon” as a child.


There are numerous options for Thai girl names. Some of these names have a Buddhist origin, while others are not. The meaning of each name may vary slightly, but they all carry a sense of royalty and good fortune. The name Anong can be used for either a male or a female.

Anong is a common Thai girl name and is also used in Laos. It is not as common in the West, but it is more familiar in Asia. The name Anong is pronounced like the English “ah” sound, which makes it easier to say than other Thai names. In addition to being easy to say, Anong is similar to the Russian name Anya.


Anya is a popular choice for girls from the country of Thailand. The name is also popular in other Asian countries, including Laos. While it is uncommon in the Americas and Europe, it has great sounding qualities, especially when used in combination with other names. The name Anya is derived from the Thai “an”, and it is a diminutive form of the Russian name Anna.

Anya is an alternative spelling of Anna, the name of the Virgin Mary’s sister. The original Anna was a Russian princess and was allegedly murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The name Anya has various meanings, including trailblazer, teacher, torch bearer, idealistic visionary, and hard worker.


If you’re looking for a Thai girl name, you might want to consider Yihwa. This name is a popular choice among Thai women. It is similar to Yin and Yi, but a slightly different choice. Yihwa is a second-year university student. She lives in a dorm with Being, Dewey, and Fai. Her main objective is to expose Knock’s evil girlfriend. To do that, she agrees to kiss Fai and create confusion about her relationship with Knock. She also goes out with her friends and has an occasional night out at a local bar with her friends. Yihwa has an older brother, who is a senior P’Phu, who works in a local bar.

Yihwa is a feminine Thai name meaning “heart.” The word has Sanskrit origins, and can also be shortened to Wanyihwa, which means “spirit of yesterday.” The name is associated with successful Thai businesswoman Eva Yihwa Chen, co-founder of Trend Micro. It is also associated with the first female prime minister of Thailand.