Using the Thai Airways Cargo Service

Using the Thai airways cargo service can be a cost-effective option, if your items require special care or need to be transported over long distances. In addition to increasing airline revenue, cargo in-cabin services are ideal for maximizing cabin space and managing sensitive products. THAI flight TG679 carried 2,659kg of antigen test kits. Here are some tips on using the Thai airways cargo service.

SIA Cargo

Currently, Singapore Airlines’ cargo division has a fleet of 10 freighters – eight in use and two in storage. The airline plans to keep the number at eight, despite the surplus capacity and uncertain economic signs. The airline does not plan to refleet its 747-400s, however, as it believes that these aircraft have a shorter operational lifespan and are not cost-effective. Moreover, its current fleet of 747 freighters is already more than a decade old, with an average age of 12.8 years.

Cathay Pacific

After suspending all long-haul cargo flights for seven days, Thai airways Cathay Pacific has now reinstated the pilot base in the US to ensure its crew are fully quarantined. The airline will also implement closed-loop operations on all cargo flights in an effort to minimize the chance of a cargo plane getting sick. The carrier will also reactivate its United States pilot base and send 150 crew members overseas for three weeks.


The THAI cargo division operates two Boeing 747-400 freighters, while its passenger variants are in storage. THAI would have a difficult time competing with Malaysia Airlines in efficiency and safety, given that its 747 fleet is a decade old, while its 777-200s are almost half that age. Meanwhile, the cargo division of Thai Airways operates two Boeing 747-400BCFs, which were converted to cargo lift during the 2010 economic boom and fell out of favor in the downturn.


Thailand’s national carrier Thai Airways has signed a new agreement with European Cargo Services to expand its cargo business in Central and eastern Europe. The new partnership will result in the generation of up to 1,000 tons of cargo annually. These cargo offices will connect to the airline’s network via daily Boeing 747-400 passenger flights to Frankfurt and Munich. The partnership with PTT will enhance Thailand’s logistic network and significantly boost its economy and citizens.

ECS Globe Air Cargo

As part of the deal, ECS Globe Air Cargo will handle the shipping needs of Vietnamese leisure airline Bamboo Airways. Bamboo Airways has expanded its network in the Asia-Pacific region and has appointed Globe Air Cargo as its exclusive GSA for four countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This agreement will further expand Globe’s global presence and provide the Thai airline with a wide network for international air cargo transportation.

MAS’ 747-400 freighters

There are inherent operational disadvantages to converting a passenger 747-400 to a freighter, but the situation is exacerbated by the oversupply of cargo capacity and rising fuel costs. While Thai’s 747-400 freighters have an average age of nine years, Malaysia Airlines’ 777-200s have an average age of 15 years. Meanwhile, Thai Airways operates two 747-400BCF freighters, which were converted during the last decade’s boom and fell out of favor during the subsequent downturn.

MAS’ 777-200 freighters

With the arrival of two new Boeing 777-200 freighters into service in November, Thai Airways will have a fleet of six 777-200 aircraft. The new aircraft will have a 100 metric ton cargo capacity, and will be used to fly to Europe and other destinations. The 777s will also be used on regional routes. Thai Airways has also been testing the new aircraft’s performance on a number of routes, including the Bangkok to Osaka route.